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When the clutch pedal is pressed down and the pressure plate does not release the clutch disc completely, the clutch disc will continue to turn the transmission input shaft and gears. You may have a problem!

Release Problems

Causes of incomplete release include:

  • Excessive free play
  • Air in the hydraulic system
  • Binding or wear in release system components
  • Bent disc

Movement of the master cylinder will also cause release problems. This is especially noticeable when the master cylinder is mounted to the firewall, and the firewall metal is not rigid enough to hold it in place during actuation. Any movement of the master cylinder reduces the force applied to the hydraulic piston, causing incomplete release.


  • Contaminated hydraulic fluid
  • Incorrect release system adjustment
  • Air in the hydraulic release system
  • Defective or worn release system components
  • Defective or worn pedal bushings or brackets
  • Flexing of the firewall or any release component attachment point
  • Misalignment of clutch components


  • Corroded, damaged or improperly lubricated input shaft splines
  • Worn pilot bearing/bushing Worn bearing retainer
  • strong>Bent or worn release fork or pivot ball
  • Worn linkage components
  • Stretched release cable
  • Excessive or incorrect flywheel machining
  • Bent clutch drive straps
  • Bent or distorted disc
  • Improper transmission lubricant
  • Improper bolting of the clutch


Escondido Ca Clutch Repair and Service. The clutch repair specials include all four pieces of the clutch, resurfacing of the flywheel and labor. Service the clutch on a regular basis to avoid clutch repairs.


A complete clutch repair is diagnosing the cause of the problem and replacing all worn or damaged clutch components. Clutch component parts do wear and some self adjust to compensate for normal wear in clutch disc friction material.