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Differential Bearing Kit

Differential Repair kits we use for repairs Include:

Both pinion and carrier bearings, a crush sleeve or preload shims, enough pinion depth shims to set the depth without having to reuse any of the original shims. For most applications, a complete set of carrier shims. A high quality pinion seal, an OEM quality pinion nut, a gasket or silicone for the cover, Loctite® or thread locker for the ring gear bolts and pinion nut, an instruction manual with pattern diagrams and details that really help, and real gear marking compound.

Link to Differential Types (DIFFERENTIAL TYPES)

Mini Kit

Mini Kits

Include: Pinion seal, pinion depth shims, carrier side shims, crush sleeve, pinion nut.

Pinion Kit

Pinion Kit

Includes: Pinion bearings & races, pinion seals, pinion depth shims, crush sleeves, pinion nut.

Bearing Kit

Bearing Kit

Includes: pinio bearings & races, carrier bearings & races, pinion seal, crush sleeve.

Ring & Pinion

Ring & pinion Gear Set

High quality after market gear sets including OEM for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Dana Spicer.
Posi Units

More Traction

A positraction system gets rid of excess tire spin, limits the difference in speed between he right & left wheel and delivers great performance both on & off road.

Spider Gears

Spider Gears Kits

Include: Pinion & side gears, thrust washers, cross pin shaft and bolts