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DifferentialDifferential Service Special Starting At $49.95

Open Differential Service with GL4/5 75W90 Starting at: $45.00.

  • Posi Trac Differential Service with GL4/5 75W90 Including Friction Modifier Starting at: $65.00.
  • Differentials W/ Special Lubricants Are Priced accordingly.
  • Repair scope of work varies from bearing kit to complete overhauls.

Mini Kit

Positractions & Limited Slips:

Posis and limited slips transmit equal torque to both wheels when driving straight. However, when one wheel spins due to loss of traction, a patch of ice, mud, too much throttle, etc., the unit automatically provides more torque to the wheel that has traction. Recommended for daily driving, works well in ice, rain, mud and snow. However, in situations where absolute lockup is needed, a limited slip is not the best choice due to the fact that limited slips do slip in some situations.

Positraction is a type of limited slip. The name "positraction" was used by General Motors for their limited slip differential and the name has been associated with limited slips for many years.


Automatic locking:

Automatic locking differentials transmit power to each wheel through a pair of dog type clutchesby automatically disengaging the appropriate clutch when one wheel rotates faster than the other in ratcheting stages rather than being smooth and progressive. Power to the differential is automatically directed to the wheel with greater traction. Traction is far superior to conventional and limited slip differentials. While automatic locking differential provide excellent performance off road, vehicle handling on the highway, is sacrificed. Unlocking during cornering can be sudden, resulting in a rapid change of direction, particularly in short wheel based vehicles. During sharp turns a loud banging noise may be heard when the unit locks up again..

Bearing Kit

Manual locking:

Manual locking on 4WD vehicles, installation is normally considered for the rear axles only. Manually lockable differentials use a conventional differential in conjunction with a mechanical locking device which can be operated by the driver. When locked, both axles will then turn at the same speed irrespective of the road surface. When it is unlocked, the differential functions as a conventional differential giving predictable handling charateristics. It can be installed in both the front and rear axles without compromising on-road performance. Although manually lockable differentials are available in tractors and some military style vehicles, the installation in mass produced recreation type vehicles have been restricted by high cost and complexity of installation.


Conventional differential uses two side gears inside the differential case. Each gear is splined to accept an axle shaft. These side gears are in turn driven by a set of spider gears. The spider gears ride on a shaft in the differential case and transmit power to the axles. The case is driven by the ring gear which is bolted to the case. The conventional differential is fitted as standard equipment on most vehicles. On level roads this system works very well and has predictable handling charactertics, even tire wear and requires very little maintenance. In off road terrain the conventional differential has major problems. When one wheel has greater traction than the other, all the power will be directed to the wheel with the least traction and the vehicle will not move.

Ring & Pinion

Ring & pinion Gear Set

High quality after market gear sets including OEM for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Dana Spicer

Spider Gears

Spider Gears Kits

Include: Pinion & side gears, thrust washers, cross pin shaft and bolts