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Positraction And Limited Slip Differential

Trac-Lok (T/L) built by Dana Spicer for use in Spicer rearends, AMC rearends, and 1998 & older 10.25" Ford rearends. The old design built up until about 1989 was weak. The 1990 and newer design is fairly strong and even rivals the Powr-Lok for impact durability, but the clutches do not provide as much lock-up force and tend to wear out in about 50,000 miles if used in the rear. Works better in the front of vehicles because it's not aggressive. The main selling points for this design are the fact that clutch chatter is almost non- existent, and it is very inexpensive. These two points make it a great unit for many applications and a very good value for the money. This unit makes a great front limited slip and works well for those who need a little extra traction but cannot tolerate clutch chatter. The Trac-Lok came factory installed in many models such as D28, D44, D60, AMC 20, AMC35, 10.25" Ford. The problem with this unit is that it is not very aggressive and power transfer is minimal. Also, 1988 and earlier units tend to break fairly easily. (1piece case, 2 pinion gears, and 2 tab clutches). (factory)


Brake pads and brake rotors are wear items and should be inspected regularly and replaced when approximately 1/8" of friction material is left on the brake pad backing plate. Brake rotors should be replaced when at or near the discard thickness engraved on the brake rotor.


A complete clutch repair is diagnosing the cause of the problem and replacing all worn or damaged clutch components. Clutch component parts do wear and some self adjust to compensate for normal wear in clutch disc friction material.


Neglect and overheating causes 90% of all transmission & transaxle failures per industry feedback and most of them are due to worn out transmission fluid. Regular transmission service can help avoid major transmission repairs


High operating temperatures reduce the gear lube's ability to lubricate, which can lead to axle and bearing failure leading to major differential rpairs. Differential service includes draining &fillin with new gear lube. to avoid expensive repairs. Most manufacturers recommend differential service every 30.000 miles.


San Diego Clutch Repair and Service. The clutch repair specials include all four pieces of the clutch, resurfacing of the flywheel and labor. Service the clutch on a regular basis to avoid clutch repairs.


Maintenance Repair & Service. 30K-60K-90K-120K Maintenance repair & service are typical and are not specific to any vehicle. Always refer to the vehicle owners manual.