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Today's cars require more than a tool box to keep them running smoothly. Computers, sensors & control units require today's mechanics to have access to the vehicle's on-board computer to help identify the problem. Scan tools, test meters, breakout boxes and experience are used to identify the source of the problem before making the repairs. Electronic Diagnostics (Scan tests) usually cost between $65.00 & $130.00 and are free with major repairs.

Engine Services

Preventive Maintenance

30,000 Mile Service
60,000 Mile Service
90,000 Mile Service
120,000 Mile Service
Wiper Blades, Replace
Air Filter, Replace
Oil and Filter Change

Engine: Service/Repair

Heater Hoses, Replace
Radiator Hoses, Replace
Timing Belt, Replace
Serpentine Belt, Replace
Cooling System Check
Cooling System Flush
Starting & Charging

Diagnostics and Performance

Engine Performance Analysis
Engine Tune Up
Engine Timing

Engine Other

Engine Symptoms
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