Wipers & Washers Description & Operation

Wipers Washers

Description & Operation

When wiper control switch is in intermittent position, wipers make single pass, separated by adjustable-length pauses. An electronic module and timer controls the wiper functions on most vehicles. Some vehicles have speed dependent wipers. When wiper control is in intermittent position, wiper speed will adjust with vehicle speed.

Trouble Shooting

Before performing any system tests on wiper/washer system, check the following items to eliminate common problems:

  • Wiper and washer related fuses
  • Damaged or stripped wiper motor shaft
  • Damaged or stripped wiper pivot arm shaft.
  • Damaged washer pump or motor.
  • Loose or corroded electrical connections.
  • Damaged wire in harness.
  • Binding pivot arm.
  • Inoperative multifunction switch.

Disclaimer: The actual cost of this service will vary due to type of vehicle, engine size, condition of your vehicle, and your driving style.

Brake Repair And Symptoms

Brake pads and brake rotors are wear items and should be inspected regularly and replaced when approximately 1/8" of friction material is left on the brake pad backing plate. Brake rotors should be replaced when at or near the discard thickness engraved on the brake rotor.

Maintenance Repair And Service

Maintenance Repair & Service. 30K-60K-90K-120K Maintenance repair & service are typical and are not specific to any vehicle. Always refer to the vehicle owners manual.