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Oil Change Plus 30, 60, 90, 120K Services Maintenance Available

Regular 5 Quart Oil&Amp; Filter Change$19.95
Blended &Amp; Synthetics Oils Are Available

5 Quart Oil &Amp; Filter Change

Regular 35.00
Blended $55.95
Synthetics $95.95
10W30 Oils Most Cars

Synthetic Oils:

Provides Better Wear Protection

  • Superior Protection Under Heavy Engine Loads.
  • Minimizes Oil Degradation.

Extreme Temperature Protection

  • Quicker Lubrication During Start-Up In Low Temperatures.
  • Better Protection At High Temperatures.
  • Better Resistance To Thermal Breakdown.

Reduces Engine Contamination

  • Better Protection Against Harmful Deposits.
  • Cleaner Running Engines.

Delivers Better Engine Performance

  • Better Resistance To Oil Oxidation.
  • Lower Oil Consumption Under High-Speed Conditions.
  • Better Engine Efficiency.


Maintenance Repair & Service. 30K-60K-90K-120K Maintenance repair & service are typical and are not specific to any vehicle. Always refer to the vehicle owners manual.