Transfer Case Repairs

Rok Trac

Transfer Case Bearing Kit

Transfer Case Repairs Range $695.00 Up Depending On The Unit

Most present-day light duty transfer cases are chain-driven with alluminum cases, weigh less, and operate quieter than the gear-driven units.Generally, transfer Case repairs consist of bearings, clutch plates, seals, gaskets, shift forks, fork pads and a chain . Gear damage such as planetaries, drive or driven sprokets, hubs, etc add to the cost of the repairs.

Rok Trac

Transfer Case Shift Motor

Electric shift motors some time fail along with a selector gear inside the case. The selector gear is usually made of aluminum and becomes scoured with use and hangs up when trying to shift.

Rok Trac

Rock Trac Chain Driven


  • Neglect = Lack of routine maintenance
  • Leaks = From seal or case halves
  • Abuse = Overheating, overloading, and other activities beyond the design critera of the transfer case.
  • Normal Wear = Mechanical components do wear out and eventually cause the transfer case to fail