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Transfer Case
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Transfer Case Leak Repair Range From $350.00-Up Depending On The Unit.

Most present-day light duty transfer cases are alluminum and warp due to stress and temperature changes that sometimes cause the case halves to leak. Generally, transfer Case leak repairs consist of, metal clad seals, gaskets, sealant and labor.

Internal gear and bearing damage will occur if operated with a dangerously low fluid level . To avoid expensive transfer case repairs check for leaks often and service the transfer case every 20 to 30 thousand miles.

Rok Trac

Nv 242 Resealed

Transfer Case Failures Are Usually Caused By:

  • Neglect = Lack of routine maintenance
  • Leaks = From seal or case halves
  • Abuse = Overheating, overloading, and other activities beyond the design critera of the transfer case.
  • Normal Wear = Mechanical components do wear out and eventually cause the transfer case to fail