Transfer Case Symptoms

Cut Away

The lubrication breaks down over time due to extreme heating & cooling process. The manufacturers recommend replacing the lubrication every 30,000 miles or less. In some cases it is necessary to replace the lubrication more frequently. For example if you are towing, stop and go traffic, excessive speeds, temperature extremes (hot or cold), off-roading, etc.

Difficult Shifting Into Gear:

  • Vehicle speed may be too high.
  • Slow vehicle down and attempt shift.
  • Vehicle may have been operated in 4-high mode too long on dry surface.
  • Stop vehicle and place transfer case in neutral to relieve driveline preload.
  • Ensure transfer case external linkage is not binding.
  • Ensure correct fluid is used.
  • Internal parts may be worn or damaged.

Noisy In All Gears:

  • Possible lubrication is low
  • Possible lubrication is incorrect.
  • Replace with new lubrication with correct additives.

Jumps Out Of 4-Low Mode:

  • Transfer case may not be completely in 4-low mode.
  • Slow vehicle down &, shift transfer case to Neutral, re-select 4-low mode.
  • Check shift linkage.
  • Range fork damaged.
  • Low range gear worn or damaged.

Fluid Leaking Front Vent Or Seals:

  • Transfer case maybe over-filled
  • Vent closed or restricted.
  • Output shaft seals damaged.
  • Case halve joint maybe leaking.