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An automatic transmission generates a lot of heat through friction and it doesn't take long for the (ATF) to heat up once the vehicle is in motion. The normal temperature range of which most transmission and transaxle fluids are designed to operate is about 195 degrees fahrenheit. Elevated temperatures cut the life of the fluid.

To be safe service your transaxle once a year or every 20,000 miles and always refer to the vehicles owners manual for service and warranty instructions. Routine servicing is the single most important aspect of extending the life of your transmission or transaxle.

Automatic Transmission


The number one product used in the professional transmission rebuild industry, and the only product of its kind to be used and approved by major automobile manufacturers.

Automatic Tranaxle LUBEGARD PLATIUNM

Eliminates the confusion of multiple ATF applications. simply use with any required ATF. or use to enhance dexron/ mercon atf to perform like mercon® v or any highly friction modified ATF.


Provides all the benefits of Lubegard ATF Protectant. Recommended for use in Ford AODE, 4R70W transmissions with sgudder problems that do not require Mercon V.


LUBEGARD M-V Automatic Transmission Fluid Supplement Enhances Dexron/Mercon ATF To Perform Like A Mercon V type fluid & tightens the shift cycle without loosing the friction modification at lock-up which eliminates shudder.