Transmission Reseal Service

Transmission Inspection

Transmission Reseal Inspection

Sometimes, an automatic transmission will develop leaks but it operates and shifts fine.

If you find red or Redish brown oil under the vehicle, your transmission may be leaking and need to resealed.

To be sure have a technician check the seals of the transmission for leaks.

If leaks are found around the external seals or gaskets, the technician will most likely recommend that the transmission be resealed. Some of the external seals can be replaced while the transmission is still in the car but not all of them.

If the front or pump seal is leaking, the transmission must be removed from the vehicle in order to gain access to the seal.

  • Escondido Transmission Reseal Service for an automatic transmission includes:
  • Removal of the transmission from the vehicle and disassemble to gain access to the seals.
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components to maintain fluid retention.
  • Reinstalling the transmission back into the car.
  • The transmission is filled with new fluid , and any external adjustments are made as needed.

The vehicle is road tested to ensure the transmission is functioning properly.

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