Manual Transmission Service

Transmission Repair

Transmission Service

Service intervals for manual transmissions vary from 30,000 miles to never depending on the manufacturer. Commercial vehicles should be serviced more frequently, depending on the severity of use.

The cost varies between $50.00 & $150.00 and depends on the year, make, model, quantity & type of lubrication required. A quick review of the owner manual is a good place to start in setting up a maintenance schedule. Changing the lubrication more often doesn’t hurt and will increase the life of your transmission.

Operating the transmission low on lubrication may cause internal damage and lead to expensive repairs. If you’re transmission fluid is low you probably have a leak. Have it checked immediately by a professional.

Don't Forget To Change The Lubrication In Other Drive-Train Components Such As The Differential And Transfer Case.

Ask for Lubegard to protect you transmission.
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Protectant.

Lubegard Red


Lubegard Platinum


Lubegard Green


Lubegard Black